Product development
Developing and testing the best technological solutions in co-operation with the client.
Making first and salesman samples in our in-house sample room. 

Constructing patterns, grading and printing. 
Constructing patterns based on samples or technical drawings using Lectra software. 
Grading patterns into different sizes, based on the client's size chart.
Developing of size chart if necessary. 
Preparing the pattern layouts for a cutting process in production. 
Printing layout drawings on the Plotter.

Creating tech packs for production
Creating tech packs and compiling all necessary documentation and instructions for production. 
Calculating the material quantities that are needed for production.
If necessary, making the technical drawings.

Purchasing trims/accessories for production
Purchasing trims/accessories that are needed for making samples or in production (e.g., threads, buttons, zippers, interlining, lining materials, care and size labels, packaging materials, etc.)

Production planning 
Calculating manufacturing time. 
Booking and finding a suitable factory, organizing and managing the production process.
Calculating estimated cost for production.

Embroidery, printing and garment wash
Organizing embroidery, printing and technical garment wash according to the customer’s design and needs.

Quality control
Controlling the quality in every step of the production process - from cutting up the fabric to shipping the final product.

Organizing transportation for shipping the garments to our clients.
Compiling customs documentation for goods to import/export outside of the EU.